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Ali. Twenty-One. Tennessee.

I'm an aspiring graphic desinger/illustrator. I'm awkward. I try to make the best out of any situation. I smile a lot. I just can't seem to figure anything in life out.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine unless stated otherwise.

If I have accidentally credited one of your photos wrongly, kindly ask me to credit you. Don't be a cunt!

Catwoman’s Philosophy The Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994)Art by Bruce Timm & Rick TaylorWords by Paul Dini


Catwoman’s Philosophy 
The Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994)
Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini


this is how sakurai woos all the ladies


when someone tries to argue with you on a topic you know more about


"OOOF!  OUCH!  WHAT’S GOING ON?!  Look who it is, falling out of the sky ON MY HEAD!"

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